What is the best home remedie for warts

If you have warts on the sole of your feet, you simply need to get rid of them. At times they can be irritating, painful or embarrassing. You definitely want to find the best home remedies for warts. If you want to find the best home remedy for wart removal, you can find the cure from your kitchen.

Things in the Kitchen

There are few ingredients in your kitchen cabinets that can work as home remedies for warts.


Vinegar is the best home remedy wart removal. Some people have tried to remove warts with vinegar by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar. Set the cotton ball on the wart with dressing folded over it. Leave it for the night and repeat this process.

Banana Peel

Cut a piece of a banana peel, covering the wart with it, and doing it regularly is essential.

Tea Tree Oil

This sort of oil has antifungal properties and helps to cure warts.


Onion is an effective home remedy wart removal. Apply the juice of an onion onto the wart as regularly as possible.

Use the above-mentioned home remedies for treating warts and the results will amaze you.